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Training & Apprenticeship

LIUNA members have access to the best continuing education program in North America. And it's free! LIUNA training includes more than 50 different courses, opening the door to new opportunity and advancement; providing valuable learning skills such as hazardous materials remediation, remote tunnels, concrete work, and a wide range of other building construction skills. Training helps employers compete with higher productivity and quality, and helps workers earn more and work more safely.

Upcoming Classes

To view a current schedule of available classes go to the Chicagoland Laborers Training Center's website chicagolaborers.org. If you are interested in attending any class, call the Local office to have an application sent to the Training Center.

Apprentice Program

The United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training, approved the apprentice program for Construction Craft Laborers in the Chicago District Council area on April 12, 1999.

The term of apprenticeship is approximately two years. A minimum of 2400 hours of on-the-job work training and 360 hours of classroom training is required over the course of two years in order to become a journeyworker. Apprentices start at 60 percent of the journeyworker’s rate and progress to 70, 80, 90, and 100 percent as they fulfill specific work and training requirements. Benefits are established using the same guidelines as for journeyworkers.

Individuals apply to become an apprentice through a process which is scheduled based on demand and handled through the Chicagoland Laborers’ Training and Apprentice Center.

Additional requirements are:

Must be a minimum of 18 years if age.

Physically able to perform the work of the trade.

Have a reading, writing, understanding and communication ability in the English language.

High School diploma, GED or minimum 10th grade education.

Possess a social security card.

Possess a valid driver's license.


The Training Center schedules classes all year long to accommodate our membership's needs. Many members do not take advantage of the training available while they are laid off. Use your time wisely by attending classes that you will need, such as Flaggers Certification, OSHA, Signal Person, First Aid and Scaffold classes. If you get your certifications updated while laid off, once the construction season begins, you will be ready to go to work without delay.

On June 6, 1986, the Chicagoland Laborers’ Training & Education Trust Fund was created to provide training and education for the laborers working under the Chicagoland District Council collective bargaining agreement. A combination of hands-on and classroom instruction provides every student the opportunity to learn construction fundamentals and allows experienced laborers the opportunity to develop competence in a variety of specific job skills. The training programs address the continual change in equipment, construction techniques, and materials to provide skilled manpower in the Chicagoland construction industry. The necessity to upgrade skills and to learn the latest construction techniques has made training necessary for both the new and veteran laborer. The knowledge and skills gained through this valuable experience enables laborers to contribute more effectively as members of Chicagoland’s construction team. From its origin to the present day, the Chicagoland Laborers’ Training Center has matured into a highly respected sponsor of meaningful labor education. When necessary, the staff develops training courses to meet both the specific needs of either the Construction or Union membership.